House Competition

2022 Transition House Competition 3

Bring a book to life!

We have been so impressed with the entries so far for the first 2 competitions.

Competition 3 we hope will really get you thinking.

We would like you to choose a book and bring it to life!

Can your draw a picture that shows the key elements of your chosen book?

Or could you put together a scene, and photograph it to represent an important aspect of the story?

What about writing a poem or newspaper article that links to the story?

You could also dress up and get someone to photograph you in a freeze frame linked to the book!

You can choose your favourite book, or perhaps choose a book younger children may read, the choice is yours!

We can't wait to see your entries.

Entries can be emailed to the main school address

2022 Transition House Competition 2

Stone Painting

We love this challenge and its always amazing to see clever and interesting designs.

Find a stone, and paint or draw a pattern, image, text, whatever you feel like.

Take a photo and send in to You will then receive a

postcard to exchange for 10 house points in September. We may even showcase your artwork!

Good Luck!

2022 Transition House Competition 1

Joseph Rowntree Bake off!

Across this final half term, all our transition students are invited to join in some of our house competitions! Every entry will recieve a postcard home, and 10 house points to cash in for September! theres no deadline on any competition.

Our 1st competition for Year 6 is a bake off! Can you bake some delicious buns, or decorate some biscuits? What about making a cake, even better with a Joseph Rowntree School theme? We would love you to have a go, take a photo of your bakes and send them to

Every entry will get a postcard home and 10 house points for September.

Ready, Set, Bake!